Sarah Hillman has helped us to evaluate the priorities for the business through use of reusable tools and focus on the most strategically important areas. Sarah helped us produce a sales and marketing plan and a more comprehensive business plan for the next three years to give us structure and direction.

She has also helped us understand the team dynamics and enabled us to recruit according to skills and characteristics and build a really strong, cohesive team. Sarah leaves our whole team feeling motivated and positive after every meeting and we’ve benefited hugely from her expertise and efficient approach.

Dr Amanda Gummer,
Fundamentally Children Ltd

Focused and relevant advice delivered in a way that wasn’t overwhelming to take forward, and with a detailed yet concise plan for me to refer to throughout the year. Plus I really enjoyed our sessions.


Sue Kennedy ,
Sue Kennedy Photography Ltd

Sarah helped us to develop our growth plans and processes so that we were equipped to deal with increasing demand, and to become more “corporate”. When we were approached about a strategic alliance, she immediately took us through an evaluation of the fit with our company and aspirations, and of what each party would bring to it. This gave us confidence in negotiations and agreement was soon reached. The alliance has now developed further, as she warned that it might, and we are significant drivers of its growth – which has now exceeded even what we planned a couple of years ago.

Steve Coburn,
Newline Anglia Ltd (formerly Smith & Coburn Ltd)

Sarah helped us to develop ambitious, integrated growth plans and above all, gave us confidence that these were realistic. (They were – a year on, we are well ahead of Plan.) She encouraged us to take on a graduate intern, to speed up our website upgrade and manage the development of new content. This is now a major source of enquiries. We are continuing to expand all aspects of the business: more people, a new office and new products, to deal with the continuing growth in demand.

Bob Tulloch,,
Technical Director, Sharp Insight Ltd, T/A Walnut Medical

Your Service Development Audit was the most valuable tool I’ve come across in business in many years. It highlighted an area where much improvement was needed to sustain growth – for us it was communication with the team and customers. This in turn helped us develop better internal communications, creating a more open forum which naturally followed over to the customers. I will always use this model in my businesses in the future.

Julia O’Gorman,
Jog Sales