Growth Tools

Simple, practical tools to aid growth.

Evidence-based management tools and techniques help you to tackle issues that arise as you grow. They enable you to avoid pitfalls that others have encountered – and make the work less daunting, faster and more effective. You can pick the tools that you need now, and be shown how to use these yourselves in future.

There are useful tools to help you to:

Gain traction in a competitive market – e.g. to help you identify uncontested market space and develop a defendable niche – see the diagram below:

Finding Market space - diagram

Illustration adapted from Urbany and Davis, “Strategic Insight in Three Circles.”

Shape your offering and clarify which are the key marketing messages to meet customer’s needs and convey the benefits of working with you.

Convert marketing into sales by tailoring your messages to suit the prospective customer’s need at the stage that they have reached in the sales pipeline.

Develop capabilities that you need your team to have and enable them adapt to change and growth.

Improve your processes. Growth will put pressure on processes in all functional areas. There are techniques which you can use to make these processes more efficient and productive, free up some capacity, and often reduce costs too. Other tools identify where in these processes you lose potential customers, so that you can take action. You also can see where you need to communicate to customers about what your back office does, invisibly, to add value for them.  Then customers will understand why things take time.  

Consider the pros and cons of options
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Monitor progress across the business and focus your senior team on the things that really matter. Read more on managing Growth Performance.

If you would like to discuss tools that could help you, do get in touch.