Growth Performance

To translate plans into performance:

Monitor how things are going across all functions, identify weaker areas and improve them, to ensure that they can keep up with demand.

You may need to establish better monitoring, using a few simple but  “telling” Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the whole business, so that you can see what is working well and what needs attention. It is important to select measures that give you forewarning of problems so that you can take remedial action, rather than measures of outcomes which you cannot change. 

A KPI Dashboard.

“What gets measured gets improved”               Peter Drucker

A colour-coded “dashboard” of KPIs shows performance against target and helps your senior team to focus on those few things that really need their attention.  It could be a process issue, or a people problem – or a mixture of the two.


Use your KPIs to identify and improve any weaker processes so that you can cope with greater demand, more efficiently. There are tools to help you identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in key functions. We can work together to identify what the issues are and consider practical ways to resolve them. You may need to automate some activities and/or integrate some systems to help your people cope more effectively with extra demand. Involving your team in this will help them shape any changes so that they are workable and will ensure their commitment.

Performance management of people often causes unnecessary heartache – on both sides. Improving this process has a big impact on results and there are approaches which help you do this in a calm, consultative way, focusing on development of capabilities, which reassures and motivates the team.

If you would like discuss how to identify these “telling measures” and use them to improve your processes and performance, do get in touch.